I really want that margarita on the coffee table… But I really don’t want to move an inch cause there’s a snuggly puppy sleeping on top of me.
So fucking fitblr.
The best meal.

My legs at the Hookah Barn.

I’m spending my whole weekend working on my application to the Executive MHA program at UW. It’s due June 30th and I started it in January… Procrastinated for 6 months: new personal record.

3 weeks ago // 1 note

I ate a whole watermelon this week.

3 weeks ago // 2 notes
Finally found a bikini bottom that comfortably holds my butt. I hate those ones that dig in an elastic line straight across the cheek and right through the thigh crease.
This one is a million times more comfortable.
Also I’m already getting tan: makes me feel 70% cuter.