Ran two miles last night at sunset with Ian and Chloe. So nice.

I’m eating green beans and watching TV after work and they are gritty with dirt… But I don’t want to get up and go wash them. So I will probably eat this whole bag of sandy green beans.

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How do people wake up and work-out before work???

Every night Ian and I are like “alright, tomorrow is the day. We’re gonna wake up at 6 am and run and make breakfast and shit”. But the alarm goes off and we look at each other and go back to sleep for another hour.

But when I drive to work it’s so pretty and sunny and not hot yet and I WISH I had gone running.

I need a better strategy.

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Also, the only thing I’ve been consistently doing these past 2 months is squats, dead lifts, and walking lunges. My butt is impressive. I didn’t realize it till I put on some pajamas I haven’t worn in 2 months. Pretty sure my butt went up a whole size.

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Current obsession: coconut toasted with a little brown rice syrup and tossed with cinnamon. I got the idea from the book “I Quit Sugar”. It’s addictive.

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1.) Favorite treat: Icecream. Any icecream.
2.) Most inspiring read: that’s tough… Probably Valley of Song, Joan of Arc (Mark Twain), or Macbeth. Oh crap or the Count of Monte Cristo. I can’t pick!
3.) Sport you wish you could try but haven’t yet: Soccer
4.) Favorite way to recover: Yoga and food with lots of Kale
5.) Your coffee/tea order: either iced Americano, or hot Americano with heavy whipping cream + SF vanilla
6.) Favorite piece of workout wear/equipment (could be a memorable piece, or a lucky one): my spi belt! I got it at a marathon running expo
7.) Run with music/without: used to only run without, then only with. Now it just depends on if I bring my dog or not
8.) Favorite place to run: outside anywhere, especially from Tumwater falls around Capitol lake and back
9.) Dream job: CEO of a hospital
10.) Top tip on balancing career/job with fitness: build fitness into your schedule. I try to use my lunch break or do it right when I get home. THEN my day is over after
11.) Favorite motivational quote: the one on my phone background right now is “Do no harm, but take no shit”

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1) What do you enjoy most about the nutrition guidelines you’ve chosen?
2) Go-to outfit?
3) What do you cook/make the best?
4) What is something about you that usually surprises people?
5) Least favorite book you’ve read?
6) A goal you’ve accomplished?
7) Favorite reality TV show?
8) Best New Year’s Eve?
9) What are you most passionate about?
10) What did you want to be when you grew up when you were little?
11) Something you’re saving up for or want to save up for?

I’ve been a little absent so sorry if any of you have already been tagged!

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I just ran for the first time since MAY. Agh it felt good. It always does.

Boyfriend and I were going to do so much crazy shit this summer… But we hit this weird hermitty honeymoon phase again and we just stay at home and cook and drink tequila and make-out and watch shitty TV.

It’s been pretty blissful.

But now I have one more month left before Grad school starts.

I want to get running in gear at least before that starts, because it’s hard to pick up new habits when you’re so busy. And do some camping and some hiking. Basically just drink tequila and make out in the woods instead of my house.

Ran 1 mile today: 2 miles tomorrow!

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I really want that margarita on the coffee table… But I really don’t want to move an inch cause there’s a snuggly puppy sleeping on top of me.
So fucking fitblr.