Hey anon you’re so sweet I want to keep your note in my inbox. It’s funny how a simple little kindness can make me feel so much better

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Things are, well they are not shitty. But I feel very drained. And disappointed and lonely and kind of purposeless.

But for the past month every Thursday I come eat dinner with my best friend, her husband, and their kids. And after they put their little boy to bed my friend and I stay up drinking wine and snuggling her new baby girl.

It makes the weeks much more bearable. To just get to be a part of something so simple and quiet and happy.

On the hunt for some kind of new motivation. Currently standing still.

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Workout calendar from last week! 5/7 days. Not bad for my first week back on the grind. Also had the best burger and some tequila, so good week overall.

Still feeling like summer in October.
Actual food photos again. Jalepeno poppers topped with sour cream and red onions.
Delivery options are infinitely better in Seattle. Thai and sushi: have to try them all until we find our favorite.
Buying fall clothes. Love thick warm dresses.

Bought groceries
Ate soup
Went on a long sunset walk with Chloe
Making tea
About to read

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Really feeling a pressing need to simplify my life lately. Purge my life of all of the extra things.

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