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If any of you are in the Washington area and you’re looking to have some portraits taken (or know someone is) check out my website!

Family, senior, birth, events, beauty, etc.

I’ve made quite a few photography connections off of tumblr and I’d love to make some more :)

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My evening: just me and Chlo, lazy food, and just started reading Game of Thrones.

Anonymous asked: What is your skype?

I just got a bunch of asks for this haha. I’m just using it to talk to my BF while he’s out of town.

No time for stranger chats!

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Anonymous asked: skype ?

Mmmm video-chatting?

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Totally going to start the second month of insanity today. Again.

This time I’ll make it longer than a week!

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No matter how shitty other things in life get, being home with my boyfriend and our dog just doing nothing, gives me a much needed perspective on how much happiness I actually have. Everything else could fall apart, and I’d still be happy. It makes all of the difficult shitty things seem completely insignificant.

And I feel much more peaceful.

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So beautiful.

This looks so good!! What recipe did you use? I have to try it!

I feel like that steak post may have come off sad, but I really love eating steak alone. You don’t have to worry about cooking someone else’s. Or sharing.

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