Totally going to start the second month of insanity today. Again.

This time I’ll make it longer than a week!

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No matter how shitty other things in life get, being home with my boyfriend and our dog just doing nothing, gives me a much needed perspective on how much happiness I actually have. Everything else could fall apart, and I’d still be happy. It makes all of the difficult shitty things seem completely insignificant.

And I feel much more peaceful.

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So beautiful.

This looks so good!! What recipe did you use? I have to try it!

I feel like that steak post may have come off sad, but I really love eating steak alone. You don’t have to worry about cooking someone else’s. Or sharing.

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Dinner for one.

Anonymous asked: What camera do you use? Your photos look magnificent. As does your food, as does you. :)

Haha thank you!
I use a Nikon D7000 (+ a variety of lenses).

You can see my photography blog here: :)

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Hate sleeping alone.

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Dusty mirror and growing thighs.
Baked cheese and pepperoni ugh (not pictured: the other ones I ate).