Need to get the fuck out of this town.

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Ahhhh day one of veggies cheese coconut oil peanut-butter eggs plyo and tons and tons of water.

It’s already refreshing.

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Agh it’s been about 3 weeks. I was really in gear with with a whole work-out and nutrition plan, and then shit got weird at work.

And then for 2 weeks I barely did anything after I got off work and only ate a box of Cheerios and some yogurt. And then this past week, when work stuff got better, my hunger all came back and my body demanded I make up for the past 2 weeks.

It’s funny how your body can balance itself out.

But now I’m ready to restart that work-out/nutrition plan I put together. I kind of wish I had 5 weeks of it completed, but that’s ok. Excited to get back into a normal groove again.

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I don’t trust people who don’t trust me. If I’m loyal to you, if I’ve never lied to you, and never done anything malicious to you, but you think I HAVE… To me that means that you’re afraid I might behave just like you do.

You think I might talk shit about you or betray your secrets because that’s what YOU would do or have already done.

When someone is jealous or distrusting when I haven’t done anything worthy of those reactions… I know exactly what the fuck is up. It’s a revealing thing you can never take back.

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I don’t really weigh myself anymore or check ketones, but I was curious this morning. 2.3 after 5 days of keto not bad.
Black spice chai tea with cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla, and heavy whipping cream. Think next time I’ll try to use more heavy whip than water. But still really good.

Overcast lush and shadows galore.

Nothing compares to how/where I get sore after Insanity. Like my whole back , my entire thigh front and back, and my calves and literally just everywhere.

I just wanna nap under my desk.

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I love the end of the first day of a new fitness/nutrition regime. I feel so good at the end of the day and like I could totally do this for 9 more weeks.

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